Lonely is the Hardest

Look out the window at the crowded streets belowSeems everybody has someplace to go.Look in the mirror with far away eyesCry in silence at a wasted life. Do you believe when I tell youThat lonely is the hardest.Do you believe when I tell youThat lonely is the hardest state of all.— Suzi Quatro 'Lonely is... Continue Reading →

Use the KonMari Method to Tidy Your Mind

Your home is living space, not storage space. Francine Jay As someone whose OCD manifests as hoarding (as the few people I've ever let in my flat can testify), this article by Brad Stulberg for Outdoors magazine so resonates with me! "There’s growing evidence that a cluttered home or workplace is a stressful one. A... Continue Reading →


"When things go wrong under care Professionals do not apologise. Instead they try everything to cover up what has gone wrong and they do this by sticking together and playing on confidentiality. They may use techniques such as gaslighting, coercion and bullying to silence a vulnerable person and their families which could ultimately culminate in... Continue Reading →

Reflections of a Burnt Out Revolutionary

"I write from my room in a mental health unit. After many years of bleeding my often harrowing experiences in the health, social care and housing services all over the walls of conference halls and training rooms I find myself depleted of resources both physical, mental, and spiritual. I feel my skin has been sandpapered... Continue Reading →

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish 

Just said goodbye to my support worker Derek. He has been made redundant and tomorrow is his last day at ISOS Housing - they had a £360,000 cut in funding. He introduced me to the guy taking over my case David who seems like a nice guy. I'm going to miss Derek though. He has helped me immensely... Continue Reading →

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