Time is a Great Healer…?

A great article on grief. I wish this site had been up in 2008. No, time definitely isn't a "great healer"! Last week was the 11th anniversary of my mother's death and the pain is still as raw. I had the 11th anniversary of my mam's death in February. I'm still grieving 11 years on.... Continue Reading →

The Tragedy of the Dyatlov Pass Mystery

The Tragedy of the Dyatlov Pass Mystery One of the most discussed mysteries of all time: Nine experienced hikers died under eerie circumstances on a mountain. Was it a military cover up or an accident? This is the tenth in a series of Friday posts on this blog called Friday Thoughts, or #Foughts, an in depth discussion on... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday to Me

It was my birthday yesterday and how did I spend my morning? Attending the cremation of my friend Christine. Not how I wished to start the day. I ended the day the way I started it - alone. Nobody bothered asking if I'd like some company or go for a drink. I don't remember a... Continue Reading →

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