New Inquest Into Ella Kissi-Debrah’s Death

This is utterly groundbreaking. The Ella Roberta Family have won the right to another inquest into the death of their daughter Ella. The Attorney General said "I have concluded that there is new evidence which may alter the substantial truth of Ella's death”. He went on "I am therefore able to give my permission for... Continue Reading →

No respect – the hi-jacking of the symbol of the ‘gilet jaunes’

"Predictably, as you can see from the image at the top of this post, The People’s Assembly have decided to mobilise to be in Parliament Square from 5pm onwards next Tuesday and in their promotion for this, they’ve hi-jacked the potent symbol of the yellow vest for their own cynical ends. Namely, hoping to play... Continue Reading →

Reflections of a Burnt Out Revolutionary

"I write from my room in a mental health unit. After many years of bleeding my often harrowing experiences in the health, social care and housing services all over the walls of conference halls and training rooms I find myself depleted of resources both physical, mental, and spiritual. I feel my skin has been sandpapered... Continue Reading →

Support the Opera House 6!

Five cleaners and porters employed by Kier were recently dismissed from their jobs at the Royal Opera house for minor alleged timekeeping and attendance issues. A sixth has been given a final written warning. One dismissed cleaner signed for just forty-five minutes of missed work. Another was one day late returning from the leave she'd... Continue Reading →

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