‘Gypsy and traveller families ‘hounded out’ of areas in act of ‘social cleansing’ as councils impose sweeping bans’ was the ominous heading of a story printed in the Independent last month. It may sound like a news article from 1940s Italy, but this demonstrates the alarming fact that antigyspsyism is perceived by many to be... Continue Reading →

I just feel so stressed out over certain things right now. Someone has to raise this point urgently.

From: Musings of a Trainee Battleaxe I can’t relax or sleep at night because I’m stressed out over certain things right now. I’m upset that due to having a disability involving the PDA nature of Autism most likely means that people will chose to punish me rather than help me. That is an awful way... Continue Reading →


An excellent resource! JURN : the directory of scholarly ejournals in the arts & humanities (PDF) 3,000 links to selected open access or otherwise free ejournals in the arts & humanities, nearly all of which are indexed in JURN. Predatory titles are excluded. This is my current HTML file, saved as a PDF for A2 paper... Continue Reading →

Lift the Ban – sign the petition!

People seeking safety in our country are effectively banned from working. As a result, many are left to live in poverty, struggling to support themselves and their families, whilst the Government wastes the talents of thousands of people. This needs to change. Sign the petition and tell the Home Secretary to #LiftTheBan! Give people the... Continue Reading →

British Medical Association proposals deemed passive ‘euthanasia by stealth’ for disabled people with degenerative illnesses

The British Medical Association have put forward proposals in response to legal test cases in which judges ruled that qualified NHS staff and officials no longer required a court’s permission to withdraw artificial nutrition and hydration from those patients who are incapacitated and unable to communicate or feed themselves. via British Medical Association proposals deemed passive... Continue Reading →

Bethany’s Dad Has Important News

Bethany’s story came to light a week or so ago.  Whilst many of us in the SEN world are sickened and shocked – at the same time, we are not surprised.  I have the privilege of having her Dad’s permission to share his update.  We are all familiar with the concept of ‘meetings about me without... Continue Reading →

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